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Director’s Message

Toral Jain We at EDEN believe that schools have to be the center of learning for not only students but for stakeholders, teachers, parents and even the community. Our vision is to jointly create global citizens with traditional values, citizens who can 'think globally but act locally'.

The single biggest challenge before us is to re-instate experiential knowledge as the hard currency at all levels. Knowledge goes beyond classrooms, beyond rote learning, beyond technology and even beyond human mind. Knowledge is experiential and therefore, "Learning is doing", having creativity as its another component.

The basis for imparting education here lies in encompassing the development of the complete individual; academic, aesthetic, creative, social, physical, emotional and spiritual. Education has always been socially important, yet a renaissance in education is overdue.

We at Eden cherished this dream and developed our schools for the overall development of body, mind and spirit of our children so that they can use their skills & wisdom to build their society & hence the global nation.

Toral Jain